What is it?

address.fyi is a simple way to share a location - with buttons that open links to users' favorite mapping applications.

It has a nice preview, so will show up as a map in text messages or social media.

How to use it

Just navigate to http://address.fyi to type in an address. If you want to give your address a label, you can just edit the /-/ part of the URL to whatever you like.

The structure of the URLs are:


Underscores _ are converted to spaces. For a new line, use two underscores __.

Domain forwarding

One useful way to use this is to forward an existing domain, like  somecleveraddressdomain.com → https://address.fyi/Example_Location/45_Rockefeller_Plaza__New_York,_NY_10111

That makes it easy to quickly share a location with others from memory.